Military Engagement: Influencing Armed Forces Worldwide to Support Democratic Transition
A Handbook Project

Under the leadership of Admiral Dennis Blair, and with a team of five regional co-authors, the Council for a Community of Democracies (CCD) is developing a handbook on the role of the armed forces in democratic transition that will serve as a knowledge base for military and defense officials. This project was conceived by Ambassador Mark Palmer, former Ambassador of the United States to Hungary and Vice President of the CCD Board of Directors. This handbook, entitled Military Engagement: Influencing Armed Forces Worldwide to Support Democratic Transitions, is a guide for governments to make democratic development a policy objective of military relations as well as a set of practical suggestions for embassies of democratic countries involved in the supervision and conduct of military-military relations.

After months of researching, writing and editing, the handbook was published by Brookings Institution Press in 2013 in two volumes. To order a print copy of Military Engagement from Brookings Institution Press, please click here. Volume one, written by Admiral Blair, is a practical guide for officers supporting democratic developments. Volume two contains the case studies and regional chapters. The fourteen case studies examine the experiences of particular countries that experienced a democratic transition and highlight the role the armed forces played in the process. The principal investigators in this project have institutional connections to NATO, the Community of Democracies and other governmental and intergovernmental bodies that will promote wide and effective dissemination of this project. More...

Volume 1 and Volume 2 of the Handbook are now available online!

The following case studies are included in Volume 2:

Africa –  Nigeria, Senegal, South Africa
Europe –
Hungary, Spain
Asia –
Burma, China, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand
Latin America –
Argentina, Chile, El Salvador
Middle East and North Africa –
Egypt, Lebanon/Syria

Read Military Engagement Vol 1 here.

Read Military Engagement Vol 2 here.

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