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Promoting Democratic Consolidation through Education for Democracy

The concept of "education for democracy" is one of the core principles of the Community of Democracies. The Warsaw Declaration, issued by the Ministerial Conference in Warsaw, Poland that founded the Community of Democracies in June 2000, included a pledge "to promote government-to-government and people-to-people linkages and [to] promote civic education and literacy, including education for democracy," and this commitment has been reaffirmed repeatedly by successive Ministerial Declarations of the Community. From 2003-2008, CCD organized a series of consultations with international experts on education, representatives of Ministries of Education, and other civil society leaders to develop the Global Strategic Plan for Democracy Education.

CCD Resources on Democracy Education

The Pocantico Conferences

Reports (PDF)
I: The Global Strategic Plan for Democracy Education (2003)

II: Democracy Education in the Middle East and Muslim Africa (2005)

III: Implementing the Global Strategic Plan (2008)

The Charlottesville Declaration and Report (2013)

The CD Working Group on Democracy Education

UN Resolution on Education for Democracy

UNESCO Resolution on Education for Democracy

CCD's International Network of Experts

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In July 2011, Mongolia assumed the Chair of the Community of Democracies, which it will hold from 2011-13. In September, at the meeting of the United Nations Democracy Caucus, the President of Mongolia announced that Democracy Education would be the priority theme of its chairmanship. This decision came after years of advocacy for democracy education by CCD, which has consistently emphasized democracy education as an essential element of successful long-term consolidation of democratic transition.

CCD has been asked by the Mongolian Chair to be an active participant in its emphasis on Democracy Education, which will include the following elements:

  • Establishment of a Working Group on Democracy Education to be co-chaired by Mongolia and Poland
  • Organization of two major international conferences on democracy education in 2012
  • Promotion of a United Nations General Assembly Resolution on Democracy Education
  • CCD's development of an international network of civil society education experts to contribute to this process

In 2012, CCD worked with the Mongolian governement to develop the agenda for the May 2012 Ulaanbaatar International Seminar on Education for Democracy. CCD will also prepare for the January 2013 conference in India, which will provide a forum for policymakers to discuss issues of democracy education.

Recent News and Updates

Participants of the first NDEAP workshp in Nairobi, Kenya.

29 March 2015
Kenya and South Africa Host NDEAP Workshops

CCD and local partners organized NDEAP workshops in Kenya and South Africa in March. This project was made possible through the generous support of UNDEF.

To read about the first Nairobi workshop, please click here.

To read about the first Johannesburg workshop, please click here.

Learn more here.

23 March 2015
NDEAP for Kosovo available now!

The National Democracy Education Action Plan for Kosovo is now available. The NDEAP was produced as the result of two workshops in Prishtina, Kosovo, co-organized by CCD and Democracy for Development (D4D).

The first workshop was made possible through UNDEF; the second workshop was funded by the CD-UNITED fund of the Community of Democracies Permanent Secretariat.


CCD Senior Program Officer Rebecca Aaberg, Street Law founder Edward O'Brien, and IGD Director Mukti Rijal meet with private school director.

16 March 2015
Nepal Workshop Continues CCD Pilot Project Program

CCD and the Institute for Governance and Development co-organized an NDEAP workshop in Kathmandu, Nepal, in February. The project, co-funded by UNDEF and the Taiwan Foundation for Democracy is the latest in a series of pilot projects.

To read about the Nepal workshop, please click here.

To learn about pilot projects in Colombia, Ghana, Tunisia, and elsewhere around the world, please click here.

CCD President Bob LaGamma (center) addresses workshop co-organized with D4D Director Leon Malazogu (right) and CCD Senior Program Officer Rebecca Aaberg (left).

08 December 2014
CCD Organizes NDEAP Workshops in Mongolia, Kosovo

In October 2014, CCD facilitated the organization of a workshop in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, with the Center for Citizens Alliance. Working under the generous funding of the United Nations Democracy Fund and the CD-UNITED grant, the workshop created a space for stakeholders to discuss democracy education in that country.

In November 2014, CCD and D4D-Kosovo co-organized a workshop to discuss a draft National Democracy Education Action Plan.

To learn more about these projects and other democracy education programs, please click here.

CCD President Bob LaGamma meets with a principal, teachers, and others in Bogotá

16 December 2013 - UPDATE: 29 April 2014
CCD Implements Democracy Education Pilot Projects in Colombia, Ghana
, Kosovo, and Tunisia

In January 2014, CCD visited Bogotá, Colombia, and Accra, Ghana, as part of its UNDEF-funded democracy education initiative. Sharing the Best Practices Manual on Democracy Education with the Colombian and Ghanaian Ministries of Education and civil society, CCD organized two workshops. The Colombia trip highlighted the country's successes, while the Ghana trip focused on creating a NDEAP with stakeholders.

CCD and the Center for the Study of Islam and Democracy (CSID) organized a democracy education workshop in Tunis, Tunisia, on March 26. CCD Democracy for Development - Kosovo put together a half-day workshop in Prishtina, Kosovo, to discuss the state of democracy education curricula in the country on April 14.

For more information about the pilot projects, please click here.

21 February 2014
CCD and UNITAR Hold Workshop on Democracy Education

On February 24th, CCD and the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) organized a workshop at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, which encouraged the implementation of the UN General Assembly Resolution on Education for Democracy, which was passed in November 2012.

For more information about this event, please click here.

16 December 2013
Best Practices Manual on Democracy Education

CCD has just published the Best Practices Manual on Democracy Education as part of our UNDEF-funded democracy education initiative. The book brings together introductory chapters by South African democracy education expert David McQuoid-Mason and Canadian curriculum specialist Matthew Hiebert with case studies from around the world. CCD will continue to update the publication with new case studies. If you are interested in contributing to the book, please send an email to ccdinfo@ccd21.org.

For more information and to read case studies from around the world, please click here.

19 November 2013
UNESCO Adopts Resolution on Education for Democracy

The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) adopted by consensus a draft resolution on education for democracy on November 12.

To read more about the resolution, please click here.

10 May 2013
CCD Organizes Democracy Education Panel for Civil Society Forum at VII CD Ministerial in Ulaanbaatar

CCD brought together experts from the nongovernmental International Steering Committee of the Community of Democracies (ISC/CD) with representatives from civil society organizations in El Salvador and Mongolia to discuss democracy education initiatives.

To read more about CCD's activities at the VII CD Ministerial in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, please click here.

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